Generation Rebirth

The idea of Generation rebirth is that Christian Rap is still considered Gospel and should be allowed and accepted in churches. This form of rap is Hip Hop infused with the “Higher Message” or the biblical experience. The personal experience we have with God and how we use our talents are not meant to be judge by the Man made imagery of what people think gospel is but what said it is. Man place a lot of restrictions on God and limitations that he did not place upon him. If you look at the life of Jesus Christ he said himself that he did not come for those who are drowned in religion but for those who has the heart for him and want to understand and love him. Jesus went into those worldly places to save others yet we have preachers who say we shouldn’t mix the church with any worldly manners at all.

I believe preachers should allow the younger generation to use their gifts to reach other young souls and allow their praises for God to be heard. It is their testimony and biblical experiences not a standardized edition of a classical book or album.



Religious Rap and Hip-hop

Lil Menace Interview Lazarus Religious Rap Song

The religious music in our rap and  hip hop songs send a huge message about God. They are being used to emphasize the meaning of his death and sacrifice to us as a society. The rap music expresses what belief the individual rapper has and what he or she has been through throughout his or her life. For example rapper Lil Menace whose dream was to be the biggest and best of best rap star. He focused himself in his career which led him to a cold dark path of negligence and disaster. But he soon found god through his friend and shared his beliefs with wife and kids. Soon Lil Menace saw the true meaning of religious rap and used it as his tool to share with others his ideas and beliefs of the word of God. He went back to the dark streets in LA where he was raised and imprisoned for gun use.

One Time For The Man Upstairs.


The topic gets tricky when Gangsta rappers begin to degrade women, mistreat environments and condone in violence. People begin to take that and interpret that as a form of evil, and because of that rappers have no business thanking God.

In my own personal opinion I know that majority of gangsta rappers have all grown up in the church. either there mother, father or grandmother have exposed them to a higher power and that’s what and who they believe in. That’s who they have been raised to call on in the time of trials and tribulations. So it is not random nor is it a publicity stunt when you have gangsta rappers like DMX say/ create a song entitled “Lord give me a sign.”  There are multiple gangsta rappers that tend to incorporate a higher power (God) within there music as well as symbolism on album covers. Great examples of  gangsta rap artist using references about God  or turning to God are Nas, Ice Cube, J.Cole and Mase.

Mase most commonly known as gangsta rapper of the 90s, turned Pastor then rapper. Mase felt that the message he was sending to his fans, the people that look up to him and his music was sending them to hell. He decided that he rather lead people in a more positive way and that’s what influenced him on becoming a pastor. Mase decided to pursue his rapping career after that with his album entitled Welcome Back composed of  majority religious songs. His popular song on the album entitled Welcome Back merely talks about him being a bad boy turned clean. As for his respect in the game, well that’s another story.

-Dominique Griffin

Religious Symbolism in Music

There are a lot of religious undertones in Hip Hop that are very upfront while others are more subtle. For example, the album covers of Tupac’s “Makaveli The Don Killuminati” and Kanye West’s “Yeezus”, both covers contain blatant religious symbolism. Tupac’s cover art is a direct cut-out of Jesus on Calvary with himself on the cross and Kanye west has a flat out upside down cross which is recognized as the symbol of the anti-Christ. These types of symbolisms can hint to a deeper more mysterious agenda by the music industry.

kanyetupacTre mafia

Jay z1362898229_Game-Jesus-Piece-Album

The illuminati has a very large hand in the music industry from choosing who will be successful to what the public is exposed to. For example, the group called Three 6 Mafia (reference to the number 666 which is connected to the devil or the beast) is an upfront religious symbol exposed to the public. Even the artist Jay-Z has donned a hand sign called the Roc which pays homage to John D. Rockefeller who is the co-founder of Standard Oil and has been known to have a deep affiliation with the satanic organization. While there is a lot of speculation about the secretive cult, there have been people to reach out to the world and tell people about the group’s satanic and anti-Christian motives. Rappers sometime speak out about this organization such as Tupac and Pimp C but they risk being “silenced”. In the song “Villuminati” by rapper J. Cole, he talks about how the only way you can succeed in the industry is by affiliating with this organization. In the videos below there are more examples of what is done symbolically in the music industry by this organization . In conclusion, there is a lot of religion connected to the music industry while a lot of it may be related to negative entities and organizations it is still religious symbolism.

Young Christian in a Hip Hop World

rice university, Jesus is savior, Ex ministries , Some people feel as if that just because you are a Christian you are not allowed to listen to “Secular” music, even as a young Christian its looked down upon for them expressing there love for Christ through rapping and other forms. Ex ministries have stated that we must stay close to God and not conform to Mans world and how they do things but must serve God in a traditional forum. They used scripture Ephesians 4:22, but not once in the bible does it say how we must praise God and how we choose to talk about our past! Some view that Hip Hop and Religion are the same, at the university of Rice the  professor of Religious studies Anthony Penn collaborated with rapper Bun B to teach a few guess lectures and talk about the similarities between hip hop and Christianity.  Since it became very popular among the university and other outsider guest, they will have that class available online for free. You can be a young Christian and still listen to “Secular” music because at the end of  the day you do not have to conform to actions/ message that the music is trying to convey to its audience. The most important thing to keep in mind while entertaining the hip hop music is to continue a relationship with God!                                                                         rap http://